Supererogate, Sophomore, Stricture:Infantile Pyloric Stenosis

A disorder of the antropyloric gastric junction affecting infants and manifesting as an exceptionally thick musculature causing gastric outlet obstruction is familiar as infantile pyloric stenosis (IHPS). Usually the neonates are born with no clinical symptoms. Nevertheless, in the post natal period, a non-bilious, vigorous, “projectile” vomiting ensues. Emaciation result from the gastric outlet obstruction terminating in death in untreated cases. Palpation of the thickened pylorus or “olive” is the mainstay of clinical evaluation. Precise abdominal palpation is contingent to determinants such as the investigator’s judgement, gastric distension and a sedated infant. With inconclusive clinical exponents, selective, contemporary imaging establishes the diagnosis.


Anubha Bajaji

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