Preoperative diagnosis of a rare small bowel obstruction: Right paraduodenal hernia. Case report

The right paraduodenal hernia is an internal hernia of a rare type extends through the fossa of Waldeyer, caused by a congenital gut malrotation defect or trauma, infectious disease, iatrogenic trauma or mesenteric defect. The right is far less common than the left paraduodenal hernia (1:3), and three times more male predominant.

Case Presentation

A 67-year-old female with acute small bowel obstruction, with a diagnosis of right paraduodenal hernia done, preoperatively by imaging studies and confirmed during laparotomy with a good postoperative course and total resolution of obstructive symptoms. This will be the 168th case reported since Neubauer had publish his first case in 1756.

Key Words:

Paraduodenal hernia- internal hernia


Samih A. Odhaib

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