Hepatotoxicity and the Role of Some Herbal Hepatoprotective Plants in Present Scenario

Liver is the principal site for metabolism and excretion in body. The human liver metabolizes substances by various biochemical pathways including oxidation, reduction, hydration, condensation, hydrolysis, conjugation or isomerization. Disorder of any of the afore mentioned process may lead to liver cell injury, what we call as hepatotoxicity which in turn leads to many diseases. Such diseases are responsible for higher mortality rates worldwide. Hepatotoxicity can be due to medicines, chemicals, dietary disturbances or herb induced liver damage via hepatotoxins. A number of herbal and herbomineral preparations are available in the Ayurveda, the traditional Indian Medicine which have been investigated for their hepatoprotective potential to treat different types of liver disorders. The present review is focused on different herbal plants that have potential to cure the hepatotoxicity.


Reema Srivastava and Pankaj Srivastava

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